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      Women's Noor Kurta

      Women's Zenate Top

      Women's Nandita Kurti

      Women's Mangolia Dress

      Women's Kurta PRAKAJAKTA


      Women's Meera Angrakha Kurta

      Women's Dakota Top

      Women's Deepti Dress

      Women's Aparna Kurta

      Women's Rekha Kurta

      Women's Savannah Dresss

      Women's Aparna Kurta

      Women's Shania Top

      Women's Nandita Kurti

      Women's Cornelia Dress

      Women's Kurta Prajakta (Pundarika)

      Women's Dress Farahat

      Women's Prajna Kurta (Pundarika)

      Women's Radha Dress (Pundarika)

      Women's Kurta Prajakta (Pundarika)

      Women's Neelam Kurta ( Macaw)

      Women's Connie Dress ( Macaw)

      women's Aparna Kurta (Macaw)

      Women's Virginia Top (Macaw)

      Women's Azizan Kurta (Macaw)

      Women's Heena Kurta

      Women's Zenate Kurta

      Women's Suhanna Kurta

      Women's Rekha Kurta

      Women's Mangolia Dress

      Women's Dress Farahat

      Women's Connie Dress

      Women's Rohini Kurta

      Women's Neelam Kurta

      Women's Cornelia Dress


      Women's Aparna Kurta

      Women's Rekha Kurta

      Women's Nandita Kurti

      Women's Sana Kurta

      Women's Purnima Kurta

      Women's Stella Top

      Women's Jane Top

      Women's Jolene Top

      Women's Kinsey Top

      Women's Sophia Top

      Women's Dolly Dress

      Women's Henrietta Dress

      Women's Peridot Dress

      Women's Maureen Dress

      Women's LaJoya Dress

      Women's Farshi Pant

      Women's Lime Green Dhoti Pant

      Women's Natural Beige Pant

      Women's Pencil Pant

      Women's Granola Farshi Trouser

      Women Indigo Sand Saree Blouse

      Women Kalamkari Saree Blouse

      Women Sunburst Saree Blouse

      Women Zig Zag Saree Blouse


      Women's Paisley Stole

      Women's Forest Stole

      Stole SAM/STL/09 JHRA

      Women's Stole Beiges

      Women's Ruana Jackets

      Women's Ruana Jackets

      Women's Embroidered Jacket

      Women's Ruana Jackets


      women's Designer Dupatta ( PERIWINKLE )

      women's Designer Dupatta ( White)

      women's Designer Dupatta ( Sun Flw Yellow)

      women's Designer Dupatta ( QUARTZ GREY )



Meet the founder

Anuradha is the founder and the design director at Samprada. A textile designer and a fashion stylist by vocation, appreciation for handloom weaves and traditional textile craft comes quite naturally to her and is evident in each of Samprada’s pieces. She travels regularly to Rajasthan for sourcing fabric, and has consciously chosen to work with small, family-run textile manufacturing units from the Chippa community. ‘Living art forms’, she calls their creations; each a unique expression of the place and the producer.

Every yard of fabric she works with is made my hands – hand dyed, hand printed, hand cut. And while there are limitations - hand printing takes long, blocks are easily spoiled, and there’s only so much yard length one can work with – the outcomes far outweigh the costs, Anuradha notes.

She believes that design should elevate the experience of a fabric and inspire its wearer. She believes in conscious living and is mindful about utility of the clothing she creates. Hence the astute focus on well-tailored, timeless pieces of clothing that last long and look good each time. “Being mindful with creation helps build a healthy and a sustainable way of fabric-to-fashion,” Anuradha affirms.

Her silhouettes are clean, minimal, and flattering on all body forms. Each piece affirms the beauty as well as utilities of the fabric, honored in simple cuts and mindfully stylized embellishments. Samprada, started by Anuradha in the last 90s, continues to home these qualities and is committed to building a sustainable way of fashion that benefits both ends of the spectrum – creator and consumer – in a beautiful, mutually uplifting way.

When not designing, Anuradha loves to travel and enjoys documenting Indian heritage in all its expressions.