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      Gul Bagh

      Sharad Nishat


      Peach Diaquiri

      Pink Parrot

      Women Nargis Dress

      Women Champa Dress

      Women Soumya Kurta

      Women Asharfi Kurta

      Women Kesar Kurta


      Women Bela Dress

      Women Champa Dress

      Women Nargis Dress

      Women Phulwar Maxi Dress

      Women Neel Buti Kurta

      Women Nisa Long Dress

      Women Hazrat Dress

      Women Sahiba Kashish Dress

      Women Mumtaz Tunic Kurti

      Women Noor Kurti

      Women's Pebble Kanguras Top

      Women Carmine & Stars Kurta

      Women Crimson Vishamakon Kurta

      Women Charcoal Stars Kurta

      Women Rosewood & Buta Top

      Blushing Mughal Maxi Dress

      Women Crest Haven Dress

      Women Coral & Buta Dress

      Women Passion Nectarine Kurta

      Women Gala & Paisley Kurta

      Women Western Electus Dress

      Women Western Turaco Dress

      Yellow Crowned Amazon Dress

      Women Long Lorikeet Kurti

      Western Monk Parakeet Dress

      Women Soumya Kurta

      Women Prabha Long Dress

      Women's Chaitra Top

      Women Niyati Dress

      Women's Ranya Kurta


      Women Charcoal Stars Kurta

      Women Elberta & Mughal Kurta

      Women Malika Kurta

      Women Long Lories Kurta

      Women Neel Jaal Kurta

      Women's Chambeli Top

      Women Rosewood & Buta Top

      Women Encore & Jaal Top

      Women Mumtaz Tunic Kurti

      Women's Chaitra Top

      Women Prabha Long Dress

      Women Bela Dress

      Women Coral & Buta Dress

      Women Nisa Long Dress

      Women Western Electus Dress

      Women Mehandi Culotte Bottomwear

      Women Bourke Culotte Bottomwear

      Women Acid Green Culotte Bottomwear

      Women Classic Black Culotte

      Women Slate & Flora Culotte

      Women Indigo Sand Saree Blouse

      Women Kalamkari Saree Blouse

      Women Sunburst Saree Blouse

      Women Zig Zag Saree Blouse


      Women zig-zag natural scarf

      Women Kashish Scarf

      Earthy Zig Zag stole

      Eden Garden Scarves

      Women Salmon & Buta jacket

      Women's Upcycled Jacket

      Women's Indigo Ajrakh Jacket

      Geometric Short Quilted Jacket

      Womens Orange Bag

      Womens Kashish Bag

      Womens Black & Red Bag

      Womens Beige Bag

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      Coming Soon!

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Samprada hopes to delight with a tightly curated collection of women’s wear, tailored from traditional weaves and hand block printed artisanal textile in natural dyes. Each piece is hand cut and hand made at Samprada’s in-house studio to ensure they fit well and look as distinctive as you are.

Natural dyes I Hand printed textile I Hand cut designs

We’re making the new essentials

We believe in timeless creations. Well-tailored pieces you can feel good about owning and wearing. Designed to fit every season and every mood, you’ll love draping yourself in one of our pieces.

Hand printed and hand cut pieces

Made from handmade textile, expertly printed by longstanding patrons of the craft, every cut, stitch, lapel, and button is mindfully tailored into our clothing, making them timeless but also perfect for the time right now.


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