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      Floating Sky


      Dry Rose and Summer Sun

      Bougainvillea in Summer Breeze

      Calico Blue

      Women's Rohini Kurta

      Women's Padmini Kurta

      Women's Lime Green Dhoti Pant

      Women's Alicia Dress

      Women's Savannah Dress


      Women's Lady Casimir Dress

      Women's Women's Roskena Dress

      Women's Mauve Dhoti Pant

      Women's Temple Fire Kurta

      Women's Roseta Kurta

      Women's Blue Mist Kurta

      Women's Blue Star & Malachite Kurta

      Women's Pine & Veronica Dress

      Women's Clematis Dress

      Women's Oxford Blue Top

      Women's Cosmos Hydrangea Kurta

      Women's Grandiflora Hydrangea Kurta

      Women's EL Dorada Hydrangea Kurti

      Women's Oakleaf Hydrangea Dress

      Women's Cityline Hydrangea Dress

      Women's Zelige Dress

      Women's Hafez Dress

      Women's Granada Kurta

      Women's Zamrak Kurta

      Women's Maghreb Kurta

      Women's Kyanite Dress

      Women's Sapphire Dress

      Women's Lapis Lazuli Dress

      Women's Ametrine Dress

      Women's Topaz Kurta<

      Women Niyati Dress

      Womens' Prabha Dress

      Women's Soumya Kurta

      Women's Ranya Kurta

      Women's Nalini Top


      Women's Blue Mist Kurta

      Women's Teal Ipomoea Kurta

      Women's Paraplu Hydrangea Kurta

      Women's Cosmos Hydrangea Kurta

      Women's Muqarnas Kurta

      Women's Georgia Blue Kurti

      Women's EL Dorada Hydrangea Kurti

      Women's Limelight Hydrangea Kurti

      Women Hamida Top | Kurti

      Women's Chaitra Top

      Women Prabha Long Dress

      Women's Cityline Hydrangea Dress

      Women's Alfarje Dress

      Women's Ametrine Dress

      Women's Azurite Dress

      Women's Nile Green Dhoti Pant

      Women's Saori Hydrangea Trouser

      Women's Natural Beige Pant

      Women's Pencil Pant

      Women Slate & Flora Culotte

      Women Indigo Sand Saree Blouse

      Women Kalamkari Saree Blouse

      Women Sunburst Saree Blouse

      Women Zig Zag Saree Blouse


      Women's Spring Lupine Stole

      Women's Stripe Stole

      Women's Forest Stole

      Eden Garden Scarves

      Women Salmon & Buta jacket

      Women's Upcycled Jacket

      Women's Indigo Ajrakh Jacket

      Geometric Short Quilted Jacket

      Womens Orange Bag

      Womens Kashish Bag

      Womens Black & Red Bag

      Womens Beige Bag

      Coming Soon!

      Coming Soon!

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About Samprada

Samprada started out as a modest effort to make great functional pieces of women’s clothing using beautiful, traditional Indian fabrics. We make pieces you can feel good about buying and wearing frequently. It’s an effort at sustainable styles that uphold India’s rich textile heritage and promote a healthy relationship with your closet.

Our philosophy

To design and make beautiful, well-tailored pieces of clothing that you can feel good about owning and wearing regularly.

Ours is a ‘back to the basics’ approach and the focus is on creating well-tailored clothing with solid silhouettes that are season-proof. Each is a piece you can have for the keeps, no matter the trend.

Our promise

We are committed to Indian textile and simple, beautiful silhouettes. We source artisanal, handprinted textile directly from long-standing, community-run units in Rajasthan and create well-tailored, easy to wear, fuss-free clothing back home in Delhi. At every step of the way, human hands shape the fabric into its final form – from hand block printing to designing and tailoring. This helps ensure that each piece of our clothing fits well, feels great and flattering.

We are also conscious about creation and are vary of fast fashion. And so, we design to ensure that each piece of our clothing will see you through the seasons and you’ll rarely end up staring at your closet wondering what to wear.



We are currently located across 2 cities namely Gurgaon & Delhi.


Our team consists of a blend of dedicated, experienced & youthful members who bring a wide range of expertise & reliability to our brand.

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