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In these extraordinary times, we are looking for things that can uplift our spirits and bring about a smile. Prints and colors are the most powerful tools of communication and have a subtle way of accentuating moods.
We craft prints from a particular array of colors designed specifically to emanate a calm aura by utilizing ideas from chromo-therapy, while keeping up the style quotient, so that you still are able to keep the look top-notch on those not so easy days. 
Our prints are always trying to weave a story, taking inspiration from Rajasthan’s rich culture like hand-blocking in dyes carefully extracted from plants, flowers and Gur (jaggery) producing rich shades like matted red, deep black, rust, or beautiful indigo. 
Interestingly, these dyes also increase the life of the fabric by making it soft over time and while the designs preserve their integrity and color. 
We have carefully listed some Feel good fashion tips that are progressive and fun, exclusively for you. Let us bring some colors from the outside, in. 
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How to wear prints daily  
Some might feel that "Prints are difficult for some to pull off as daily wear” 
We think otherwise, and we have good reason to do so!
 Prints can brighten up a dull day, add that little touch to complete your outfit, or furnish that much-needed contrast!
The key is to choose the right print.
The lady on the go 
Women who are always on the run and have back-to-back meetings and presentations lined up throughout the day never compromise on their look and comfort. Thus, the just-right kind of print and a color that compliments it well goes a long way in making you feel good about yourself, and good morale is essential to achieving your goals. 

This bijou geometrical print is bold and printed in yellow ochre and creams. This combination of natural dye color  print and pastel colors perfectly juxtapose each other and work well for that comfortable summer look while being a great choice for the presentation day! We recommend this tunic shirt  best paired with dark brown/ olive  ankle-length trousers.

 Say it with colors!

Do not underestimate the wonders a pop of color could do for your outfit, The floral print will blossom your wearisome day and the pop of orange that is soothing puts you in a positive and energetic mood every time you wear it. Pair this with loose/ wide pants or leggings/ tulip pants and make it look more chic and relaxed. 

What colors does your wardrobe need?

The color which dominates your wardrobe can reflect your nature, characteristics and thoughts. Concentrate on colors that highlight your mood and personality and let the color speak your mind. Some colors like 

The shades of blue are associated with wisdom and confidence, they naturally make you feel calm and cool 

The colour yellow is associated with sunshine, hope and happiness. If a happier mood is what you’re striving for, wear outfits in shades of yellow. 

White is considered the colour of perfection and also associated with purity and goodness. Wear whites to feel fresh and ready for the day! 

 Shades of pink are a sign of endearment, love and affection. If you are feeling down wear this soothing colour that puts you in a pleasant mood automatically. 

Prints and colors go hand in hand and it is the easiest option to add colors to the wardrobe. A dreamy dress that not only flatters your body but has colors that put you in a holiday mood, the soft pastel shades cheers and refreshes you. Pair it with some sandals or a light shrug for the ultimate chic and comfy outfit. 

Whites are a manifestation of peace and calmness. The colour is serene, just like a breath of fresh air. With intricate hand embroidery in contrasting colours makes the outfit come alive. Keep it as simple and accent it with a  pair of silver ear loops, if you’d like to!

Color coordination 

Colors if done right, can help in boosting the overall mood. It can be done by way of color blocking, utilizing analogous or colorful prints. Color therapy can help soothe you in many ways. Dressing up in colors that you were mindful about can positively contribute to your well being.

Use prints and bring your color coordination game to the next level.

That’s right, when it comes to color coordination we can play around with different colors and prints if we are choosing them wisely. Look for an outfit which has bold colors and minimal print details, pair it with contrasting bottoms and revamp the look that will hopefully fill you with positive energies.

To attain an easy and elegant look that elevates your style and refreshes your soul the way to go is to put color harmony at the forefront. Monochromatic doesn't require any tricks, just pick your color of choice that makes your face glow and dress in the same way from head to toe. Simple and chic. To draw attention add a good pair of footwear and an accent bag. 

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