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Why I do, what I do 
I am a creator and I love to work with my hands. From early childhood days I was always working on craft hobbies, be it drawing, sketching, embroidery knitting, macramé, crocheting, candle making or just playing shopkeeper... making the measuring instruments using empty shoe polish boxes, twigs and wool yarn and till now, almost 40 years later, those are my best memories.
As I grew older and I have been pursuing those activities, be it cooking for my kids btw, my latest obsession is making my own Kombucha:), running with my group, watercolour painting, gardening, eco-printing, I have realized no matter what I am doing on an everyday basis with my own hands, it essentially brings happiness and Joy. It has helped me connect with like-minded people,  helped me to make new friends and essentially kept me going through tough times.
I urge each one of you to do things with your hands, try out different activities, live your dreams because each of us has a talent and I truly believe it!
Look out for joy in simple everyday things and be happy.
So why do I do, what I do…… because I am a creator and I find my joy in it! 

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