Eco Print

Women' s Blue Oak Top

A comfortable sleeveless Blue Oak top in hand block printed indigo cotton with neck band in Eco Printed natural leaf impression , with tucks...
Rs. 1,950.00

More sizes available

Women's Oak Top

Beautiful Eco Print leaf impression of silver oak hand crafted on a yoked shirt with classic shell buttons and roll up cuff to be...
Rs. 2,500.00

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Women's Grevillea Dress

This timeless dress style is part of the Upcycled, Re-designed Eco Printed limited Edition collection designed at Samprada studio. This  Grevillea Dress from Samprada...
Rs. 4,500.00

More sizes available

Women's Shrug

A light bolero jacket in blended chiffon to drape over any spaghetti dress or a top !  Length  : 17" Length  Fabric : Blended Viscose...
Rs. 1,500.00

More sizes available

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“Patta” the regeneration of life itself !
The landscape which is green and thriving full of natural ecology, chirping birds, butterflies and bees... that is the beauty of nature, which each one of us likes to be in, that helps us to find peace within !
Samprada continues on its journey with new way of designing, holding on to our belief that fashion has to be ageless, timeless, Sustainable and Circular.
As we move towards a Post-Pandemic world, Samprada consciously made a choice of designing Eco Print textile. This new range “ Patta- the regeneration of life itself ! is all about Eco Print and amalgamation of traditional Bagru hand block printing technique. Samprada is Craftmark certified for Bagru hand-blocks. Eco Prints are created by Anuradha,to produce this beautiful collection..... totally and completely based on sustainable and circular fashion. This is a collection is based on principles of circular design which means every product, every piece used in making of these apparels are recyclable, is biodegradable and do not add to the environment pollution and helps in the regeneration of our environment.
The plant leaves used for making the Eco Prints are from Anuradha's garden, the process done with her hands. She is proud to present this to you and encourages each person to come and join her in workshop, learn this technique and find the joy of doing things by yourself, up-cycling and re-designing your own wardrobes!