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Problems with fast fashion

When we think of fashion we think of creativity and novelty. Rarely has a word like ‘sustainability’ been brought into conversations around and about fashion. And the more we delved into this thought, we realize that this is increasingly a world which favors fast fashion. Wardrobes are upgraded as soon as the seasons' turn; clothes tossed out more often than being stowed. We are buying more clothes than ever, but then we are also throwing out more clothes than we’ve ever before. That’s fast fashion and it’s increasingly causing a culture of throwaway wardrobe for men, women and children everywhere.

Which brings us once again to the question of sustainability. Are the ways of modern fashion wholesome and sustainable?  Do we understand the impact of the rate at which we churn our clothes out? Is the way of creation and consumption of fashion affecting the environment? Waste is widespread at every level of this industry – from manufacturer to consumer. But what if we could create increasingly creative pieces in a way that aids the need for new but also promote healthy wardrobe choices…

Among others, this is a question Samprada as strived to answer. By creating pieces that are ageless – in looks and in stitch - we’ve tried to create clothes that are not bound by season and can be consumed frequently. It’s been important for us to inspire that culture of ownership and pride with the pieces we create – clothes that make women look good, and also make them feel good about keeping and using them frequently.

What’s made this possible is an insistence on classic styles and ageless textile. We’ve consciously chosen to work with small, home-run artists from Rajasthan for fabric that’s hand printed in natural dyes. We choose to work with motifs that’ve been around for ages, in hopes that they’ll remain relevant today and tomorrow, as well. Modern touches, by way of contrasting prints and cuts, lend a sense of present to each piece of clothing, making them right for today and perfectly places with the trends of tomorrow, too.

Fast Fashion

Clothing companies in India and elsewhere in the world have been charmed into the ways of easy fabric and synthetic colors that shine a little brighter and are available for a lot less, allowing them to produce more clothes than ever before. But as the consciousness about slow fashion seeps in and consumers begin to question their buys, we hope the turning tides ring in next phase of fashion which is all about responsible choices, circular supply chains, and clothes made to last beyond a season.

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