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Winter Clothing Hacks Worth Trying!

Winter clothing hacks worth trying !

As the chill in the air increases and the winter sets in here in Delhi, we see people pulling out  their warmers, capes, jackets, shawls, stoles and all kinds of layering garments. Some do it well and turn out in smart layered styles but then  many find themselves lost, wondering how not to look shabby.

Here are 4 basic tips which can keep you warm and help you look smart this winter.

  1. Button ups or flannel shirts/dresses- many a times we see gaps between the buttons which opens up as a gaping holes, the simplest and easy way to overcome this is use a fashion tape which sticks on the fabric/ skin easily. Place it between the plackets and press adhere fabric to fabric or fabric to skin.

  1. Cold weather layering works for both closed and open garments.
  • For closed garments, the trick is whichever garment is closest to your body should be the longest, then work progressively outwards with the shorter garments. For eg- the T.Shirt/ top closest to the body should be longest, then comes your cardigan/ sweater, and then you can layer with a shorter shrug.
  • Items  of clothing which are open in the front like blazers, jackets, shirts, flannels etc. in this case you need to follow the reverse order. The top which is shortest for eg. above  the  hips come first, followed by a jacket, blazer or your cape which is longer and comes till mid thigh length or even longer almost till your knees.


  1. How to wear Summer dresses in winter
  • Put a really nice blouse underneath your sleeveless dress.
  • Take a cosy sweater and just throw it over your dress. Your dress will look more like a skirt.
  • Take one of your favorite button ups, wear it over the dress, leave a few buttons open at the top and bottom, Roll up the bottom and tie a knot in front. Hide the front knot under the hem folds of the shirt, flip it inside out. It makes the dress look like a new outfit. Complete the winter look with uggs or boots.

  1. Turn any boot into over the knee boots- All you need to do is get a pair of socks, same colour as your boots which are long and cover your knees or you can use leg warmers which slide over your knees easily. Wear these socks and then just slip your boots over it, it gives an illusion of long boots not to mention it keeps you warm.                               

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