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Working Girl Wardrobe

Whether you are high up on the corporate ladder or manning a creative desk or both, it pays to dress up for the job you have and then some for the one you want. And no, it doesn’t all have to be stiff and starched.

And if you can spare some time for it, planning a work wardrobe is both fun and will do great by you. The more thought you put into setting up a wardrobe for the weekdays, the better you get at identifying and defining your own little work style statement. And then, it even takes the guesswork out of having to choose what to wear after a point. You are welcome!

If you are looking for a good place to start, we have some cues on the essentials. Just to help you get started. And with a few outfit swaps and accessory experiments, you’ll be all set to take make a statement with your style at your office and in no time.

  1. Crisp whites
    Invest in whites- trousers, tops, shirts, kurtis, dresses; the lot of it. The most wonderfully fantastic quality about whites is that it’s such a versatile and accommodating color. It’s perfect for the day when the sun shines relentlessly and can be plugged with all sorts of denims, flannel trousers, culottes…everything.

  2. A classic Indian kurti
    There’s nothing quite like a traditional Indian kurti. It’s an all-season outfit and will see your through sun, rains, and the nippy winter mornings effortlessly. To wear to work, pick out one pastel and one printed piece, preferably with a culotte or salwar and persian pants, in colors that best work for you. On days when you want to look a little bit extra, nothing works like a clean cut kurti and some traditional Indian jewelry to go along.

  3. Some scarves to go around
    The easiest way to dress up or dress down is with a scarf. Period. And you can never really have too many of them. They work with traditional wear as well as contemporary pieces, and in a matter of minutes, take you from plain to pretty.  

  4. A pair of nudes
    A nude shade always sits right in a work wardrobe. Clothes and footwear in beige, cream, ivory and powder tones are quite Indian day-wear appropriate and make you look fresh and breezy even on the harshest weather days.

  5. An am-pm top
    Pick a top with clever details – a removable jacket, belt hooks, or an accommodating neckline. With a few outfit swaps, a detail here and there, and an accessory or two later, it should get you ready to hit the Friday evening soiree in a matter of minutes.

Working Girl Guide to Wardrobe essentials

A quick rule to remember is that whatever you choose should solve for both form and function. Play with layers, and pick colors that can work both the seasons and the moods.


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