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      Women's Noor Kurta

      Women's Zenate Top

      Women's Nandita Kurti

      Women's Mangolia Dress

      Women's Kurta PRAKAJAKTA


      Women's Meera Angrakha Kurta

      Women's Dakota Top

      Women's Deepti Dress

      Women's Aparna Kurta

      Women's Rekha Kurta

      Women's Savannah Dresss

      Women's Aparna Kurta

      Women's Shania Top

      Women's Nandita Kurti

      Women's Cornelia Dress

      Women's Kurta Prajakta (Pundarika)

      Women's Dress Farahat

      Women's Prajna Kurta (Pundarika)

      Women's Radha Dress (Pundarika)

      Women's Kurta Prajakta (Pundarika)

      Women's Neelam Kurta ( Macaw)

      Women's Connie Dress ( Macaw)

      women's Aparna Kurta (Macaw)

      Women's Virginia Top (Macaw)

      Women's Azizan Kurta (Macaw)

      Women's Heena Kurta

      Women's Zenate Kurta

      Women's Suhanna Kurta

      Women's Rekha Kurta

      Women's Mangolia Dress

      Women's Dress Farahat

      Women's Connie Dress

      Women's Rohini Kurta

      Women's Neelam Kurta

      Women's Cornelia Dress


      Women's Aparna Kurta

      Women's Rekha Kurta

      Women's Nandita Kurti

      Women's Sana Kurta

      Women's Purnima Kurta

      Women's Stella Top

      Women's Jane Top

      Women's Jolene Top

      Women's Kinsey Top

      Women's Sophia Top

      Women's Dolly Dress

      Women's Henrietta Dress

      Women's Peridot Dress

      Women's Maureen Dress

      Women's LaJoya Dress

      Women's Farshi Pant

      Women's Lime Green Dhoti Pant

      Women's Natural Beige Pant

      Women's Pencil Pant

      Women's Granola Farshi Trouser

      Women Indigo Sand Saree Blouse

      Women Kalamkari Saree Blouse

      Women Sunburst Saree Blouse

      Women Zig Zag Saree Blouse


      Women's Paisley Stole

      Women's Forest Stole

      Stole SAM/STL/09 JHRA

      Women's Stole Beiges

      Women's Ruana Jackets

      Women's Ruana Jackets

      Women's Embroidered Jacket

      Women's Ruana Jackets


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A working girl’s guide to wardrobe essentials

Working Girl Wardrobe

Whether you are high up on the corporate ladder or manning a creative desk or both, it pays to dress up for the job you have and then some for the one you want. And no, it doesn’t all have to be stiff and starched.

And if you can spare some time for it, planning a work wardrobe is both fun and will do great by you. The more thought you put into setting up a wardrobe for the weekdays, the better you get at...

Sharat Nishat: Our fall’17 collection

Sharad nishat

As soon as Diwali passes us by, it comes three weeks on uninterrupted autumn. That time of the year when the air just starts to turn nippy, trees begin to turn colors, shades of amber and greys take over, and the sun begins to temper down.

We look forward to autumn with the eagerness of a child, waiting for the October heat to soften so we can head outdoors and soak in a bit of nature. It’s just that at autumn, the air is cool enough to favor...

Delving into the history of woodblock printing in India

Every time we are in Bagru or Sanganer, we are drawn to the sight of lines after lines of freshly printed fabric. The whites shine bright, their prints glisten as the color coats dry, and the air is always thick with the smell of all sorts of colors.

Yes, we can smell the colors! Almost all the time and every time we make our pilgrimed trips to these places.

Woodblock Printing

The history of hand block printed textile in India dates back to the 12Read the article →